1031 Tax Exchange Program

Commercial Realty Services of Alabama, LLC is a significant force in facilitating 1031 Exchange transactions. Our long-term relationship with owners and investors of every major property type allows us to match properties and exchange buyers with speed and efficiency.

A 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange allows you to roll-over all of the proceeds received from the sale of an investment property into the purchase of one or more other like-kind investment properties. At closing, proceeds are transferred to a third party--called a facilitator or qualified intermediary--who holds them until they are used acquire the new property.

Capital gains taxes are deferred if all of the exchange funds are used to purchase like-kind investment property.

The deferment is like getting an interest-free loan on the tax dollars you would have owed for a cash sale. More equity is retained, and that helps you move into properties of higher value each time you perform a 1031 Exchange.

Who is a 1031 Exchange for: Anyone who is considering selling real estate should consider affecting a 1031 Exchanges. An Exchange offers the astute investor an opportunity to reinvest the federal capital gains that would normally be handed over to the IRS and put that money to work for himself. You work too hard to simply pay the tax without carefully considering this reinvestment option. Essentially, 1031 Exchanges should be thought of as an interest free loan from the IRS; one in which the principal may be increased through subsequent exchanges and may never require repayment, if you plan properly.


1. The 1031 Exchanger will have more buying power because the federal income taxes are deferred. This will enable him to leverage himself up greater than he could have paid the tax liability. The additional equity to reinvest will make him a more solid buyer and help him get easier financing.

2. Investors can do exchange after exchange to create a pyramiding effect. This tax liability is forgiven upon the death of the investor as the heirs get a stepped up basis on the inherited property.

3. The Exchanger will have greater selling power because he does not have to inflate the sales price to try to cover some of the capital gains that would normally be due upon the sale of an investment property. It will enable him to be more flexible with the selling price. 

4. The Exchanger can acquire a replacement property with greater income potential. He can sell raw land and acquire income-producing property. Perhaps, he wants to acquire a building with additional units or in an easier to rent location.

5. The Exchanger has the opportunity to consolidate several hard to manage properties in one easy to manage property or diversify several small properties into one large property. It provides an excellent opportunity to relocate or expand a current business or investment.

6. An exchange can also help an investor acquire a less management intense property.




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